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Welcome to Geneva! As the official guide to Geneva, we warmly welcome you to our city that captures the heart with its one-of-a-kind blend of vibrant urbanity and peaceful natural beauty. Geneva invites you to fall in love with its rich history, cultural gems, vibrant dining scene and warm hospitality. Start your Geneva adventure now!

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Geneva welcomes summer and takes on the air of a unique urban resort. Find out how to enjoy summer in Geneva, for the sporty, the farniente specialists, the paddle boat aficionados and the aperitif lovers among you!

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A city pass is a card that allows you to enjoy a variety of activities for free or at a very low price. Visit a museum, take a cruise on the lake, go on a guided tour, go rafting: enjoy 60 free or discounted activities for both young and old in Geneva for a duration of 24, 48 or 72 hours!

Discover the Geneva City Pass

City Pass   24H48H72H

A pass to savour!
Visit Geneva at your own pace and push open the doors of Geneva’s greatest chocolate makers to taste their...

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Do you want to know more about Geneva?
What could be better than a tour of the city to get your bearings?
By bus, on foot, in a...

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A gripping investigation to undertake in Geneva’s Old Town.
Thrilled by suspense? Dive deep into the Geneva Mystery affair to...

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Embrace Geneva's vibrant summer scene where every corner of the city comes alive with a kaleidoscope of outdoor events. From lively festivals to captivating performances, immerse yourself in the heart of summer's pulse with these exciting happenings

Indulge in the culinary wonders of Geneva, where eating and drinking transcend into an art form. Geneva restaurants offer an exquisite array of gourmet options, from traditional Swiss delicacies to innovative international cuisine.

Awards & nominations for Geneva

Geneva ranks among the top 5 best destinations in Europe

Make sure to visit Geneva in 2024!  
Already named in the top 10 of the renowned New York Times list of destinations to discover in 2024, Geneva has now secured a place in the top 5 of the European Best Destinations ranking.  
Over a million travelers have voted to select the best destinations in Europe, aiming to guide you towards unforgettable vacations.

Geneva Makes the New York Times Top 10 for 2024

Geneva has been highlighted by the New York Times as a top destination for 2024, renowned for its blend of scientific innovation and artisanal delights. Notable attractions include the CERN Science Gateway, where visitors can engage in activities like quantum karaoke, and the Choco Pass, which offers a self-paced tour of the city's finest chocolatiers. This acknowledgment underscores Geneva's unique appeal, where tradition meets cutting-edge experiences for explorers of all interests.



Geneva, 3 stars in the Michelin Guide Vert 2023!

Geneva has been awarded the prestigious Michelin Guide Vert distinction for the second year running. This recognition is based on a rigorous evaluation of nine criteria, reflecting Geneva's excellence as a tourist destination. From the first impression on discovering the city to the richness of its heritage, its warm welcome and the quality of its visits. Geneva offers an unforgettable experience that has captured the hearts of even the most discerning travellers.

Travel Tips for Summer

From choosing your ideal accommodation to uncovering Geneva's best experiences, we ensure your visit is both effortless and memorable. Delve into Geneva's rich offerings, from its vibrant cultural scene to serene landscapes, with everything you need to know to get around smoothly.

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Welcome to Geneva, the heart of Europe, where ease of access meets the stunning backdrop of mountains and lakes. Whether you’re arriving by car, bus, plane, train, bike, or even on foot, Geneva is...

Anyone staying in approved accommodation in Geneva is entitled to a free transport card. 

Welcome to Geneva’s Tourist Information Hub! Whether you're planning your first trip or returning for more adventures, we are here to make your visit as smooth and memorable as possible. 

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