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See & Do in Geneva

Dive into the heart of Geneva, where every moment unfolds into an adventure. From its iconic Flower Clock to the breathtaking vistas of Lake Geneva, the city is a vibrant tableau of captivating activities and stunning landscapes. Discover what to see and do in Geneva and enjoy unique experiences, from enriching cultural tours to mesmerizing natural getaways. Whether you seek the buzz of city life or the serenity of picturesque gardens, our "See & Do in Geneva" guide is your passport to unforgettable explorations. Join us for a deep dive into the top things to do in Geneva. 

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Get the most out of Geneva

A city pass is a card that allows you to enjoy a variety of activities for free or at a very low price. Visit a museum, take a cruise on the lake, go on a guided tour, go rafting: enjoy 60 free or discounted activities for both young and old in Geneva for a duration of 24, 48 or 72 hours!

Discover the Geneva City Pass

City Pass   24H48H72H

A pass to savour!
Visit Geneva at your own pace and push open the doors of Geneva’s greatest chocolate makers to taste their...

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Do you want to know more about Geneva?
What could be better than a tour of the city to get your bearings?
By bus, on foot, in a...

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A gripping investigation to undertake in Geneva’s Old Town.
Thrilled by suspense? Dive deep into the Geneva Mystery affair to...

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