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Do you want to know more about Geneva?

What could be better than a tour of the city to get your bearings?

By bus, on foot, in a boat, accompanied by a professional guide, choose from our selection of tours.

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Private guided tours

Each tour can be personalised to meet your requirements. We offer different themes, as well as private bus, minivan or car hire at preferential rates. Don't hesitate to contact us at info@geneve.com for any special request. Price may also be adapted for private groups, schools, agencies, etc.


Themed visits that allow you to discover the essence of Geneva with a qualified guide

Every Saturday at 2pm

Guided tour : The Old Town and its treasures

Geneva as you’ve never seen it before !
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The Essentials of Geneva

Immerse yourself in some key moments in the history of Geneva, the capital of peace, with a tour of the quiet, leafy district that is home to international organisations. 


Guided Tour: International Geneva

A cannon tied in a knot, Switzerland's largest painting on ceramic, a chair for a giant, Chinese monoliths older than life on Earth and many other curiosities await you on this tour.


The Red Cross, Humanitarian Geneva

History revisited in the heart of the city. This tour will guide you through 150 years of history in the heart of the city, capital of the Red Cross and cradle of humanitarian action. 


The Reformation & Calvin

Who was John Calvin? What was his life like? How did he contribute to the development of Protestantism? Why did the Reformation play such an important role in Geneva’s intellectual and international influence? All these questions can now be answered, thanks to a fascinating tour, in the company of a professional guide!


Geneva, cradle of fine watchmaking

Set off to discover a world of refinement, luxury and absolute precision! The watch industry has shaped Geneva over the course of the centuries. Witness the search for perfection through successive inventions that have made Geneva the cradle of prestige watchmaking.


International & Panoramic Tours

Discover Geneva’s international reputation on board an electric trolley-bus.


Step off the beaten track to discover a different side to Geneva


Secrets of Geneva

For this guided tour, you can compare Geneva to a famous star. A celebrity is intriguing and people often want to know everything about her, even her secrets.

Sustainable choice

Geneva, a green city

Objective: 100 % renewable !


In the Heart of the Escalade

From historical facts to local traditions, this is a visit that
will take you back in time.
Be guided through the cobbled streets of the Old Town
and discover the Escalade that cemented Geneva’s
independence. With the help of your guide, you’ll relive
this unique event as if you were there !


Guided tour : Geneva by the Water’s Edge

How did the people of Geneva used to bathe ? Why was the lake perceived as dangerous ?

What was the role of water in medical care ? Water has always occupied a central place in Geneva’s daily life, and this walk invites you to discover its secrets. Many streets and buildings in the city still show signs of Geneva’s connection with its ubiquitous water. You’ll
also get to cross the lake by Mouettes, the city’s iconic water bus !


Guided tour : Geneva, A Game of Love and Chance

Discover Geneva’s spaces for fun and pleasure, from history through to the present day !


Geneva, portraits of women

In Geneva, women have played a key role in the functioning of society and the city’s development.


Guided tour : Heritage and Wine in Geneva

Interactive, fun and multi-sensory, this visit strikes the perfect balance between wine tasting and cultural and historical discoveries.
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