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Guided Tour : The Reformation and Calvin



Uncover all the secrets of “The Protestant Rome” !

Who was John Calvin ? What journey did he go on ? How did he contribute to the development of Protestantism, a movement that changed the history of Europe ? Why did

the Reformation play such an important role in Geneva’s intellectual and international influence ? Explore key events in the Reformation and take in Geneva’s homage to this historical moment.

Details & Price

Price & conditions
Public visit

Walking tour lasting 2 hours.

Discounted rates are only available with your discount card.

1 CHF from your Geneva City Pass will be donated to MyClimate "Cause We Care" for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland.

Private visit

Geneva Tourism can provide personalised private guided tours according to the needs of the client.

We offer a variety of themes as well as bus and minivan rental at preferential rates.


- Duration: 2 hours (possibility to extend the tour for an additional fee).

- Languages: on request.

- Maximum of 20 people per guide.


Public visit

Adult 25 CHF / Child 15 CHF / AVS 15 CHF / Get a discount with the Geneva City Pass

Private visit

290 CHF

Public visit

French, English

Private visit

More than 20 languages to choose from


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