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Let us introduce our Geneva Insiders, locals who love their city and never get bored of rediscovering it day after day!

They will share their outlook on Geneva, their secret places and favourite strolls to help you enjoy a unique local experience during your stay.

Emilie les petits genevois vineyards header

Meet Emilie from Les Petits Genevois

"It’s is the city of my childhood, I have so many memories here! What I particularly appreciate are its different facets and contrasts."
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alafrenchfood Anouck Grau geneva

The Geneva story of Anouck Grau

"Geneva is close to my heart. When I was small I used to spend my summer holidays there and my memories are in Geneva."
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Anouk Grau
Anouk Grau
Emilie les petits genevois
Emilie les petits genevois
Chris Black running roots Geneva

The Geneva story of Chris Black

"Originally from Canada, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in the heart of Geneva for almost 30 years. About a decade ago I started running more seriously, largely motivated and inspired by a fantastic local running club: Geneva Runners."
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Nadine graves yoga header 2

Peaceful Geneva with Nadine Graves

"Geneva represents my home. I really like how international it is. It is such a beautiful and green city and I feel so blessed to live here!"
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We live Geneva from the inside to share unique places with you.

Samira Hamdani colormygeneva

The Geneva of Samira Hamdani

"Geneva is my hometown, my cosy nest. It is a symbol of peace, of Protestantism with its motto “Light after darkness” and internationalism."

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Annaswissmermaid  anna Blachut Geneva

The Geneva of Anna Swiss Mermaid

"The city is a blend of traditional beauty and modern luxury. It’s also a melting pot of cultures which I find truly inspiring."
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Justine Mettraux

Lake Geneva was also the launchpad for Justine Mettraux’s sailing career. Raised in Versoix, she spent much of her childhood on the shores of the lake and aboard her parents’ boat. This is where she learned to harness the winds. Her passion for sailing was born.


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