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Anouck Grau

Hi, I'm Anouck!

As a fan of outdoor sports and cooking, I’ve spent several years tracking down the best snow there is. Gradually, full-time freestyle snowboarding gave way to my other passions. For me nothing fits into one box, I combine cooking, arts, nutrition and sport, whether it is through my hobbies or my work.

What does Geneva represent for you?

Geneva is close to my heart. When I was small I used to spend my summer holidays there and my memories are in Geneva. The first opening hours of the Fontenette swimming pool in Carouge, the Movenpick ice-creams by the lake, the famous Greek salad and the 10-metre diving board at the Bains des Pâquis or the Fêtes de Genève… These are my Proust’s madeleine.

alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva-8
alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva-8

Your favourite activities in Geneva?

In winter I never miss a weekly session in the sauna and hammam at Bains des Pâquis.

Otherwise, the flea market in Plainpalais, the Nuit des Bains for an evening of exhibition openings, a stroll in the Parc des Eaux-Vives, the botanical garden and enjoying the lake. I love Geneva for its restaurants too.

"A city where you feel good in winter as well as in summer"


Flea Market of Plainpalais

Geneva’s flea market is a meeting of the region’s bric-à-brac dealers.
flea market of plainpalais

Eaux-Vives Park

This park boasts many very old trees. The manor house dominates the hill. Its restaurant is one of Geneva’s temples of fine dining.
eaux-vives park

Any secret places to enjoy Geneva?

On the cuisine side:

  • Eating at the Grütli café
  • Enjoying local vegan cuisine at MU-FOOD
  • The sparkling brunches of @givesafork
  • Discovering home-made cooking by passionate Geneva residents thanks to the Neia.app app (www.neia.app)
  • Tasting pop-up dinners by chef Mater (@mater.fondazione) who experiments with nouvelle cuisine and fermentation.


On the sports side:

  • Running to the top of the Salève
  • Getting lost on a road bike in the Geneva countryside or climbing to the top of La Barillette.
  • Swimming in the pool at Les Vernets, one of the few 50-metre indoor pools in Switzerland.

alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva-6
alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva-6
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alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva 33
alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva 33

If you had to describe Geneva in one sentence…

A city where you feel good in winter as well as in summer, lake and mountains, there is plenty to do!


Grand Théâtre

An entertaining programme!
grand theatre

Friends are visiting, where do you take them?

I would start the day with the flea market in Plainpalais, then visit the Caritas de la Fouine in Grand Lancy, where you can find second-hand gems. We would have Thali for lunch at Café Gandhi, walk by the lake and, come summer or winter, swim (especially in winter, the cold water does a lot of good)! Then, we would attend an opera at the Grand Theatre and we would finish with a bang with the legendary fondue at the Bains des Pâquis.


alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva-7
alafrenchfood anouck grau geneva-7