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Geneva sights and stories

Geneva has so many stories to tell.

Dive into the heart of this unique city with its thriving local life, nestled between the lake and the mountains.

Four of the most unique museums in the world

Geneva guards 4 secrets that you’ll love if you’re thirsty for knowledge or just plain curious.

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The most beautiful views

Geneva. The small urban gem at the gateway to the mountains boasts landscapes to take your breath away!

Geneva by day and by night

From day trips to nights out

A stroll by the lake in the sunshine, an autumn getaway to Geneva’s vineyards, a winter fondue cruise… Depending on the length of your stay, Geneva offers a wide range of activities to do by day and by night.


All about wine in Geneva

Wine is an important industry on the shores of Lake Geneva and with their picturesque mountainous backdrop the winegrowing areas are well worth exploring, not to mention the wines. Swiss wines are light, easy to drink.

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Chris Black running roots Geneva

The Geneva story of Chris Black

"Originally from Canada, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in the heart of Geneva for almost 30 years. About a decade ago I started running more seriously, largely motivated and inspired by a fantastic local running club: Geneva Runners."
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10 things you did not know-rivers

10 things you did not know about Geneva

Ready to learn some interesting stories about our favourite places in Geneva?
10 things you did not know about Geneva