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Anna Blachut

Hi, I’m Anna!

I was born in Lugano and raised in Geneva. I am passionate about fashion, art and design. I am a Swiss-based lifestyle blogger. I post daily on my Instagram @annaswissmermaid. Sharing style, fashion fun facts and my latest new discoveries.

What does Geneva represent for you?

For me Geneva is a bubble. A hub for watchmaking, banking and diplomacy. It is safe, functional and beautiful. It also has a bit of a “French Touch” in comparison to the rest of Switzerland. The city is a blend of traditional beauty and modern luxury. It’s also a melting pot of cultures which I find truly inspiring. It is actually rare to meet someone who is 100% from Geneva! Myself included, I am half Genevoise and half Polish. Another aspect of Geneva that strikes me is the quality of life you can have in the city at any age.

annaswissmermaid  anna blachut geneva-8
annaswissmermaid  anna blachut geneva-8

"Auer will forever be my favourite place to get coffee on weekends"

Do you have any secret spots in Geneva ?

Yes, my latest new discovery is this fantastic luxury store in old town called Vintage Garde-robe. The store has great vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind luxury items, punctuated with incredible vintage novelty Chanel decorations.

I love Mr and Ms Renou for the best croissants in Carouge. Whilst Auer will forever be my favourite place to get coffee on weekends. I use to go every Saturday as a kid with my parents. In terms of healthy food Acai concept, Molakai Fusion Poke and La Reserve’s healthy brunch are great. Ginger Donuts is amazing for those with a sweet-tooth. FRED by Fiskebar for a great cocktail in the winter.

I also like going to the “Nuit des Bains”. This is when contemporary art galleries open their doors at Quartier des Bains three times a year.

annaswissmermaid  anna blachut geneva-6
annaswissmermaid  anna blachut geneva-6

How would you describe Geneva in one sentence ?

Geneva is a multicultural bubble.

Where would you bring your friends to if they came to visit Geneva ?

Depending on the time of year I would vary where I would bring them. Probably Eat Me or Alma for some food and Bottle Brothers for some ambience in the evening.

Les Rue Basses for some shopping at a quick coffee at the Wild Girls cafe in Bongenie Grieder.

La cantinella for the best pizza in Old Town.

In the summer I would defiantly take them on a boat ride on the lake and a drink at the Metropole Hotel rooftop bar.

A classic Sunday brunch at Marcel’s or otherwise L’entrecôte for some delicious steak.


annaswissmermaid  anna blachut geneva-7
annaswissmermaid  anna blachut geneva-7

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