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Embark on a captivating journey through Geneva's vibrant art and culture scene.

Explore Geneva's diverse artistic and cultural heritage through a collection of museums, including the elegant Ariana Museum, the Baur Foundation's Far Eastern Art treasures, and the Museum of Art and History. From contemporary masterpieces at MAMCO to horological wonders at the Patek Philippe Museum, this category offers a rich tapestry of artistic experiences.


Ariana Museum

The art of fire at the Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass.


Baur Foundation - Museum of Far Eastern Art

Meeting China and Japan.


Barbier-Mueller Museum

Situated in the heart of Old Town Geneva, the Barbier-Müller Museum preserves, exhibits and studies a collection started in 1907. Culture and tribal art of the world’s civilizations are part of this amazing collection.


Cabinet d'arts graphiques

With more than 350,000 pieces covering five hundred years of history!


Center for Contemporary Art

A centre at the cutting edge of the avant-garde movement.


Geneva Photography Centre

A unique place founded by concerned Genevan photograhpers committed to promoting photography to the level of fine arts.



The Mamco is the largest and youngest museum of contemporary art in Switzerland. It is internationally renowned as a point of reference for the contemporary art scene. Its work is based on a collection of 4,000 items, a third of which is owned by the museum.


Musée de Carouge

The Musée de Carouge organises exhibitions related to Carouge, its history and residents.


Musée Rath (MAH)

In keeping with the MAH programme, Musée Rath exhibitions are conceived in close connection with its collection. This new presentation was therefore developed around a major work, Untitled by Mario Merz, created in Geneva in 1985 and donated by the artist to the MAH the following year.

Made up of nine installations, the exhibition uniquely emphasizes the strong connection between the two artists. For the first time, the public will discover a series of installations that they conceived together. More than collaborations, these can be seen as a four-handed self-portrait. For Marisa, art was a means of breaking the lock between reality and our intimate imagination. As for Mario, he never ceased to remind us of the fragility of our inscription in nature. This message still has a poetic impact today that is made cruel by current events.


Museum of Art and History

The Museum of Art and History is one of the largest museums in Switzerland, with its collection devoted to applied arts, fine arts and archaeology. This summer, the museum offers 4 temporary exhibitions


Patek Philippe Museum

Experience a journey through five centuries of watchmaking. The Patek Philippe Museum is located in the heart of the Plainpalais district. Founded in 2001, it showcases the most prestigious creations of the brand’s master watchmakers.