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Step back in time to explore Geneva's rich history and heritage in captivating museums.

From the archaeological wonders of St. Peter's Cathedral to the intellectual legacies at Maison Rousseau et Littérature, and the historical significance of Maison Tavel, this category offers a journey through the city's cultural heritage. Uncover the profound impact of the Reformation at the International Museum of the Reformation, and gain insight into the life of Voltaire at Les Délices. While Fondation Martin Bodmer is currently closed for renovation until 2025, don't miss the chance to delve into Swiss heritage at the Musée National Suisse - Château de Prangins.


Archaeological Site of St Peter's Cathedral

A clear witness to the early Christian age!


Fondation Martin Bodmer

The Museum and Foundation are currently closed for renovation. The full reopening is scheduled for spring 2025!


International Museum of the Reformation

The Reformation that changed the history of Europe. The International Museum of the Reformation (IMR) is housed in the prestigious 18th century Maison Mallet at Cour Saint-Pierre, the site of the former St Peter’s Cloister. 


Les Délices, Voltaire's home

Discover the "Saint Jean Property" where Voltaire lived during his stay in Geneva.


Maison Rousseau et Littérature (MRL)

Rediscover Jean-Jacques Rousseau differently


Maison Tavel

The Maison Tavel is a unique testimony to medieval civil architecture in Switzerland. Destroyed by fire in 1334, it was rebuilt by the Tavels, a noble Genevan family who gave the house its character of an urban palace.


Musée National Suisse - Château de Prangins

Between nature and culture