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The most beautiful autumn photo spots in Geneva

Photograph autumn and its colours in Geneva

Autumn colours have a unique charm and in Geneva, the magical views of the city’s golden parks set against the dark waters of the lake is a sight to behold. Yellow serves as a wonderful frame, the layers of bronze leaves are magnificently picturesque and the gentle atmosphere will have you taking endless photos. Discover our selection of places that will provide you with the perfect autumn shot in Geneva.

Parc des Bastions 

With more than 200 different species of trees, Parc des Bastions in the city centre is a magical place in all seasons, but in autumn it takes on a unique look. The avenue of orange-coloured trees that crosses the park rolls out its carpet of leaves and the flamboyant plane trees make a studio setting for your most beautiful photos.

Autumn is a wonderful time to go for a walk and take some impressive shots


They stem from different countries, have neither the same colour nor the same speed, and yet the Arve and the Rhone meet in Geneva to become one. At Jonction, from Jonction Bridge you can immortalise the impressive view of these two rivers meeting and mixing their thousand autumn colours.

Parc La Grange 

Parc La Grange, located on the Eaux-Vives side of the lake, invites you to stroll around and enjoy autumn. The park offers a sublime view of the lake and the orange-coloured trees open their leaves on the bright blue lake. Here photographers and lovers of beautiful pictures wander around happily in search of the best shot.

La Perle du Lac

When the weather is clear, Mont-Blanc can be seen sitting majestically on the horizon. This is a place filled with calm and nature and autumn is a wonderful time to go for a walk and take some impressive shots of the contrasting colours with the expanse of the lake in the background.

arve spot
arve spot
vignes spot
vignes spot

The Treille bench

At the foot of the Hôtel de Ville, on Promenade de la Treille, lies the longest historical wooden bench in the world. The bench, located on a tree-lined promenade on the heights, offers a panoramic view of Parc des Bastions and many of the city’s monuments. From here you can also photograph and admire the shimmering colours of Mont-Salève.

The Geneva vineyards

The atmosphere of the Geneva countryside is gentle and unique in all seasons, but autumn gives it a special flavour. By bike or on foot, take a walk along one of the routes in the heart of the vineyards and enjoy the colourful spectacle. The vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see on different levels, with the Jura mountains in the background, a landscape that offers great photo opportunities.

Ile Rousseau, a romantic gem

Ile Rousseau, a lush green islet in the middle of the water, has always had a romantic side. The willows, plane trees and poplars, the birds that rest there before migrating, the 360° view over the harbour and the statue of the famous philosopher are all elements that charm passers-by who pose for photos with a beautiful backdrop.

A walk on Eaux-Vives beach

Geneva’s new beach at Eaux-Vives offers a very clear view of the lake and the harbour. Its long promenade lined with greenery and a natural reserve of reeds that hides many species of birds is the ideal place for a beautiful autumn photo with the blue of the lake, the grey of the pebbles and the golden colours of autumn.