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Brasserie Restaurant de l'Hôtel-de-Ville


Family restaurant anchored in the history of Geneva. Located in the heart of the old town. Warm place to live, brasserie cuisine and Swiss specialties.

Brewery, operated for 37 years first by Mr. Jean-Yves GLAUSER and his family, and whose popularity gave a real soul to this institution, he is nicknamed Father GLÔZU. Today the history of the town hall restaurant continues with Vincent Glauser, the son of Jean-Yves Glauser.

This place is an inevitable passage of Genevan and international political life since the parliament of the republic is opposite. Moreover, it is not uncommon to meet heads of state or other eminences at the restaurant.

Show biz is welcome and film and theater stars mingle with the establishment's heterogeneous clientele.


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Grand Rue 39 - 1204 Genève
Telephone: +41 22 311 70 30
Line: 36, stop: Bourg-de-Four