Four of the most unique museums in the world

Geneva guards 4 secrets that you’ll love if you’re thirsty for knowledge or just plain curious. A discovery into the depths of four museums that are as distinctive as they are unique, symbolising a city that is half peace laboratory, half birthplace of culture and watchmaking.
International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
This is the one and only museum in the world dedicated to the work of Henri Dunant, offering a unique introduction to humanitarian work.

Here you can discover the actions taken by the Red Cross and explore 150 years of the organisation’s history told in a way that will get you thinking while stirring up your emotions.

Three exhibition spaces will take you to straight to the heart of the biggest challenges we face at the moment, namely defending human dignity, rebuilding family ties and limiting the risks of natural disasters.

You’ll leave feeling concerned by the issues we currently face.
Reformation Museum
International Museum of the Reformation
The universal reformation of Christianity, led by Jean Calvin and Martin Luther, has its origins in 16th century Geneva.

As the museum representing the history of Geneva, the International Museum of the Reformation explains this period through historic objects, manuscripts, paintings and engravings illustrating the evolution of the Reformation and its impact on lifestyles.

Located close to St. Peter’s cathedral in the Old Town, the museum will immerse you in Geneva’s cultural and historic treasures.
Patek Philippe Museum
What’s the time in Geneva?

The basement of the Patek Philippe Museum is a treasure trove of incredible pieces showcasing Swiss mastery in the art of watchmaking.

Piece of jewellery and work of art, the watch is presented throughout the ages by your guide who knows everything there is to know on the topic.

Prestigious gifts for royalty, objects of desire for collectors, innovative models and masterpieces with multiple complications, here you will see Swiss horlogerie as you’ve never seen it before.
Fondation Martin Bodmer
Bodmer Foundation
Who said that books had to be dusty old things?

The Martin Bodmer Foundation is a fascinating library where books are the star of the show, having witnessed the constant evolution of civilisation.

The permanent exhibition takes you on a chronological journey, starting with the discovery of writing, displaying incredible manuscripts, papyrus and original editions.

The temporary exhibitions will likewise tell you great stories, page after page.
So, which museum do you fancy visiting today?