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KorSonoR - visual and sound arts


After two editions of Dance First Think Later, Arta Sperto continues her transversal explorations and creates a new exhibition-festival on the convergent field of sound and visual arts.

KorSonoR explores the resonances between sound and visual arts through exhibition, installation, in situ, performance, concert, video or cross-functional collaborations. KorSonoR aims to perceive, experience, understand how sound is inherent to the human body and to life, whether it is approached through the sensitive, the social, the technological, the space, the architecture, the town planning or the environment.

This exhibition-festival is born from the convergence between the transdisciplinary artistic explorations developed by Arta Sperto since 2020, and its affinities with the musical and artistic context of Geneva, in a spirit of complementarity.

Guest artists

Tarek Atoui (LB, 1980, Paris)
Ban Lei (CN, 1990, Geneva)
Rudy Decelière (CH/FR, 1979, Geneva)
Emilie Ding + Alizée Lenox (CH, 1981, Berlin / FR/DE, 1989, Berlin)
Agnès Geoffray (FR, 1973, Paris)
Kim Gordon (US, 1953, Los Angeles)
Olga Kokcharova (RU/CH, 1985, Geneva)
Christina Kubisch (DE, 1948, Berlin)
Ari Benjamin Meyers (US, 1972, Berlin)
Susan Philipsz (GB, 1965, Berlin)
Benoît Renaudin (FR/GE, 1985, Geneva)
Anne Rochat (CH, 1982, Berlin) with Jessica Aszodi, Laurent Bruttin, Contrechamps, Billy Demiguel, Ariel Garcia, Olga Kokcharova, Francisco Meirino, Serge Teuscher
Roman Signer + Antoine Françoise (CH, 1938, Saint-Gall / CH, 1987, Geneva)
Naama Tsabar (IL, 1982, New York)
KorSonoR brings together 14 artists or entities (involving 28 artists) from 9 countries and from several generations. 8 works will be co-produced by Arta Sperto, and 5 specially adapted for specific contexts. The exhibition will take place at Le Commun, in and with other venues and partners: Cave12, Comédie de Genève, Contrechamps, Flux Laboratory, Grand Théâtre, Les 6 Toits, Museum of Art and History, and in space audience. A two-day symposium on sound arts in Switzerland, bringing together around twenty entities active in this field from all over Switzerland, will be organized in the conference room of the Contemporary Art Building (BAC).

Arta Sperto

Arta Sperto (= artistic experience in Esperanto) is a nomadic structure of curation, production, organization and edition of artistic projects, mainly multi and transdisciplinary directed by Olivier Kaeser.

Schaffter Sahli



28 September - 22 October 2023

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