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To save from oblivion, in 30 minutes flat and with a joyous mood, everyday objects that have become obsolete? This is the mission of the BPM Collective. After the audio tape, the Moped and the rotary dial telephone, La Collection expands with two new witnesses to a bygone era: the CRT TV and the Asparagus Service. Such sweet times when we sat together, on the sofa or at the table... Reigning in the middle of the living room, the TV had a monopoly on moving images. As for the asparagus service and its innumerable versions, it accompanied the merry mess or the terrible atrophy of family meals.
Born towards the end of a particular historical context animated by the general conviction that the future was bright, the three accomplices share their memories, unearth archives and fight for the remote control. We taste before we say we don't like it!



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1 - 14 December 2020

10 - 30 CHF


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Le Théâtre Saint-Gervais Genève
Rue du Temple 5 - 1201 Genève
Telephone: +41 22 908 20 00