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Her appearance is that of a great artist, but inside her hides a young woman who has been artificially kept alive for 337 years by an elixir of life. Emilia Marty/Elina Makropoulos is a freak of nature. Based on a play written by Karel Čapek in 1922, Leoš Janáček’s 1922 opera The Makropulos Affair tells how Elina manages to retrieve the formula that keeps her alive but then decides to relinquish any new attempt to prolong her life. An intense psycho-thriller told in a movie style and length. For the Hungarian stage and film director Kornél Mundruczó, there is only one quick step from the alchemy that keeps Elina/Emilia alive, to Čapek’s pioneering science-fiction (he invented the concept and word of “robot” in 1920). Mundruczó makes Emilia Marty into an androgynous alien, who challenges the mortal beings around her to attempt the impossible. Swiss soprano Rachel Harnisch brings glamour and mystery to the title role while Czech conductor Tomáš Netopil leads the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Leoš Janáček’s modernist masterpiece.



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26 October - 7 November 2020

17 - 191 CHF


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