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Where to eat fondue in Geneva

Where to eat the best fondue in Geneva

In summer as in winter, fondue brings people together and delights all foodies…

Whether it’s “half-and-half,” with mushrooms, tomatoes, truffles or champagne, or a traditional fondue, it’s the national reference for typical dishes. It’s quite simple: we can’t get enough of it! Here’s our selection of places to try fondue during your stay in Geneva.

Les Armures

Discover this Geneva institution located in an authentic setting in the Old Town. Set in a charming 17th century residence, the Hôtel des Armures restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy fondue. Among the different variations, indulge in the half-and-half fondue, the tomato fondue, or the mushroom and bacon fondue.


Set in the hotel of the same name, L’Edelweiss features a mountain-like atmosphere and décor inspired by the most beautiful Swiss chalets and serves renowned Swiss specialities. Nestled in the Pâquis district, close to the train station, the restaurant is a showcase for Swiss gourmet cuisine, including raclette, meringue double cream, rösti and of course, fondue, whether it’s mushroom fondue, 100% Vacherin fondue or the restaurant’s own Edelweiss fondue.

Le Café du Soleil

One of the oldest and most authentic bistros in Geneva … Located a few minutes from the airport, on the way into the city centre, Le Café du Soleil is a reference for fondue. The Gruyère cheese used for its preparation comes straight from the village of La Roche, in the Gruyère district. Ancestral know-how that has lasted for many years in this select establishment!

Les Bains des Pâquis

Les Bains needs no introduction! Iconic, a firm favourite with locals, the unique, multifaceted venue is set on the right bank, right by the water and features a beach, live performances, a sauna, a hammam and Turkish baths. And above all, exceptional fondue! Served from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm, the straightforward, crémant-based fondue is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the city (reservations recommended in the evening).

Le Gruyérien

With its two restaurants in Geneva (Plainpalais & Chêne-Bougeries), Le Gruyérien is without doubt a favourite with locals. With its exceptional taste, unique smoothness and multiple variations, a fondue at Le Gruyérien is a must during your stay in Geneva, especially in winter. Don’t forget the homemade meringue and double cream from La Gruyère – a pure delight!

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La Pinte du Floris

Enjoy a timeless break in Anières, a few minutes from downtown Geneva, in an authentic Swiss bistro. In addition to wooden and stone walls, a homely atmosphere and subtle Alpine touches, Le Floris will wow you with breathtaking views of the lake. The menu features three different fondues: half-and-half, smoked squash and truffle!

L’Auberge de Savièse

Head to Les Pâquis district for an authentic Alpine meal at Auberge de Savièse. The wooden, chalet-style interior and typical dishes will give you a taste of winter in Switzerland. The focus here is on raclette and fondue. Open 7 days a week, it caters to fondue enthusiasts of all kinds with a menu featuring half-and-half, 100% Gruyère, goat’s cheese, tomato, morels, mushrooms or even champagne fondue!

La Cave Valaisanne

Located between Place de Neuve and Plaine de Plainpalais, La Cave Valaisanne is a real institution in terms of Swiss specialities in Geneva. Since 1960, it has been delighting Geneva’s residents with its rösti, croûte au fromage, raclette and fondue, including the green pepper, the herb, the cognac or the traditional fondue.

Le Château d’If

Located in the quaint village of Vésenaz overlooking the lake, a few minutes from downtown Geneva, the restaurant will charm you with its homely atmosphere, smiling and attentive staff and delicious fondue. The Gruyère and Vacherin cheeses both come from artisanal cheese dairies. The menu features something for everyone, including half-and-half, horn-of-plenty, morels, truffles & champagne, beer, or vacherin fondue!

Le Perron

Set at the foot of the Old Town, Le Perron welcomes you in a cosy, historic setting, on the charming, shaded terrace in the summer or in the homely dining room in the winter, where the scent of the country’s typical cheese specialities will make your mouth water. The menu features the Bacchus fondue, a must-taste house speciality, a three-cheese fondue, a cheese & mushroom fondue, and a cheese & champagne fondue.

Also worth a try: Les Antiquaires (Old Town), Le Café Bon-Vin (Eaux-Vives), La Brasserie de l’Hôtel-de-Ville (Old Town), La Bourse (Carouge), Le Vieux Carouge (Carouge).