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Bench and Treille Promontory

Gulliver would have loved to stretch his limbs on the world’s longest wooden bench: 120 metres!

A 120 m long bench and a great stroll with a view down to the Parc des Bastions.

At the end of the Grand’Rue and just below the Town Hall, the world's longest wooden bench runs the length of the Promenade de la Treille. For a panoramic view of the parks and monuments below the Old Town, visit this charming promenade, shaded by a line of chestnut trees, on the Old Town’s ramparts. This is where the official chestnut tree of La Treille stands. Ever since 1818, a city official has had the task of recording the first bud to appear on this particular tree, because it marks the arrival of spring.


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Banc et promenade de la Treille - 1204 Genève
Rampe de la Treille