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Perle-du-Lac Park

A green oasis

Across the lake, the view of Mont-Blanc is of course magical, and moments spent beside the water are relaxing and quiet.

A few steps away from the Palais Wilson on the right side of the lake, the visitor can walk towards the Perle du Lac park, on the way to the botanical gardens. Cyclists cycle, joggers jog and people stroll along the paths crossing this green oasis. The park was named Perle du Lac by the wife of its former owner, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf. And that’s exactly what it is - a pearl! In summer, people relax in freely available deck chairs and enjoy a refreshing drink facing Mont-Blanc. In July and August, cinema enthusiasts benefit from free projection of films.


Parc de la Perle du Lac - 1202 Genève