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The Garden of Five Senses - Yvoire

-20% discount

-20% discount

A unique sensory walk

Discovering the green world

In the heart of the charming village of Yvoire, the Jardin des Cinq Sens is a tribute to the richness of the plant world. It’s a living work where everyone enters at their own pace. Several intimate gardens with evocative names invite you to awake your five senses and explore: “Jardin du Toucher” for textures, “Jardin de l'Odorat” with perfumes, Cloister of medicinal plants ... more than 1,500 varieties punctuate a surprising walk for all audiences.

Listed as a Remarkable Garden since 2004

Among the Most Beautiful Gardens in France

Explanatory map given to each visitor

Details & Price


-April 12 to September 9, 2024: 10am / 6:30pm (ticket office closes at 5:30pm)

-September 10 to October 6, 2024: 10am / 5:30pm (ticket office closes at 4:30pm)

Price & conditions

14.50€ for adults and 8€ for children (-20% discount with the Geneva City Pass)


Entrance restricted to 50 people at any one time


Jardin des Cinq Sens - Yvoire
Rue du Lac - 74140 Yvoire