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Refreshing summer cuisine

Here is a selection of fresh, vitamin-packed venues to make the most of your summer in Geneva

Let yourself be guided and inspired by some flavourful, Mediterranean-tinted seasonal cuisine. Whether it’s vegetable dishes, fish and shellfish or salads and exotic cuisine, summer is sure to be more than gourmet in Geneva! There is something for every taste bud to savour, whether on the water, on a terrace or in renowned establishments. Follow the guide.

Restaurant de la Plage, a gourmet break by the lake

With its panoramic view of Lake Geneva, the Restaurant de la Plage is a must in the summer. People come here for the view, of course, but not only that. Here, local fish and seasonal produce are in the spotlight. Local producers are celebrated at lunch, dinner and on Sundays for brunch. Supers Salads, Houmous GRTA, Perch Fillets from Lake Geneva or Trout from Guibert’s in Montreux, will help you enjoy, admire and savour the sounds of the lapping waves. The Restaurant de la Plage welcomes you 7 days a week, for lunch and dinner, with the added bonus of a daily special during the week at noon.

Ou Bien Encore, the vegan experience

You’ll want to rush there for their colourful and sunny creations! Located in the buzzing Bains district, the restaurant is a must for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Fresh and homemade from breakfast to dinner. At the weekend, it’s brunch time with lip-smacking daily specials, full of good humour and generosity. Try the delicious home-made pastries. They’re fresh, healthy and tasty! Don’t miss them!

Intimacy at Café Lauren

Visit La Réserve the prestigious five-star establishment for a timeless break at Café Lauren. Here, tranquillity and relaxation are the order of the day. Chef Nathalie Nguyen Thi offers healthy, fresh and tasty cuisine based on olive oil and natural sugar. For starters, you’ll love the Tomato, strawberry and Stracciatella gazpacho or the Mango and cucumber sea bream tartar, before moving on to the Fregola Sarda with crispy vegetables or the Roasted prawns with lemon blossom. Combine your meal with a visit to the Nescens Spa, adjacent to Café Lauren. 

Khora, a gourmet trip to Greece

One-way ticket to Greece! Welcome to Khora, in the Eaux-Vives district, a gustatory and olfactory experience in a most exotic setting. Geneva’s residents love to eat there with friends or family in the restaurant’s bright and festive atmosphere. Chef Konstantinos Kamperis invites you to share his typical Mezedes, his Grilled Octopus with Tarragon, his Spinach Risotto or his Saragli Thessalonikis, a typical dessert based on filo pastry stuffed with walnuts, pistachios and almonds. 

N#ice, blue water gourmet bar

With its two locations on the city’s left bank, the concept has caused a sensation. N#ice brings seafood up to date in a contemporary atmosphere and neat décor with fish, shellfish and also “N#ice Bowls” and a few hot dishes. On the seafood side, you’ll easily be tempted by the Carpaccio of tuna, watermelon and sea urchin, the Tartar of salmon and its homemade guacamole, or the Scallops, chimichurri and fresh cream. On the vegetable side, the Summer Salad with spinach, rocket, broccoli, edamame and avocado is perfect for hot summer days.

Seafood in the spotlight at Octopus

Octopus is the new seafood venue in the Champel district. Inaugurated in 2020, the establishment is dedicated to fish and seafood in a place bathed in light. Wood, blue and gold are the dominant colours to welcome you to a lively and elegant ambience. On the menu, you will find the star of summer 2021 in all its forms: Octopus carpaccio, pomegranate and caper, Grilled octopus tentacle, pepper emulsion or Crispy octopus tentacle with egg. Red mullet, scallops and teriyaki salmon also feature on the menu.

Restaurant du Parc des Bastions, a countryside experience

Located in the heart of the prestigious Parc des Bastions, the eponymous restaurant is a sensation thanks to its charming location and tasteful dishes. Sit comfortably on the shaded terrace or under the sublime glass roof to enjoy fresh, seasonal cuisine. Salads, poke bowls and gazpacho will delight the taste buds of young and old. Not forgetting the Sea bream ceviche and the Lake Geneva pike goujonettes, to get a taste of the local fish. The best part: every Sunday, the restaurant offers a Brunch until 2.30 pm. Don’t forget to book!