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Sustainable restaurants in Geneva

Eating sustainable and local food is now everyone’s business and this commitment is also taking off in the restaurant industry and in establishments that have chosen a sustainable, local and meaningful path. Favouring short circuits, reducing food waste and respecting the seasons are all goals that actors on Geneva’s gastronomic scene are aiming for.


Natural cuisine and wines. At Natürlich, on Rue de la Coulouvrenière, local produce is sublimated. Here, the menu changes every week and puts local producers in the spotlight. Whether it is lamb from the Moniatti farm, green beans from Gaia’s vegetable gardens in Hermance, huacatay picked in the Jardins Trajets or bacon from Begnins, discover unique, authentic dishes that respect the products, the seasons and above all, taste. 

Mu-Food, organic and local vegetarian

A stone’s throw from Cornavin train station, Mu-Food is the temple of organic and local vegetarianism. The establishment promotes local agriculture and collaborates with small producers and cooperatives in the Geneva region, who practice reasoned or organic production. On the menu are colourful, tasty and healthy dishes. Learn to enjoy yourself while respecting nature! 

Ou Bien Encore

“A restaurant that respects life and our planet.” This is the credo of this establishment, located in the Bains district, which shines through its colourful and sunny creations. The venue is a must for fresh, homemade vegetarian and vegan dishes from breakfast to dinner. At the weekend, it’s time for brunch with the delicious, hearty daily specials!

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From vegan and organic cuisine to yoga classes and a super food grocery shop, Alive offers a truly healthy and sustainable lifestyle experience. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, just a stone’s throw from the lake, the establishment has quickly conquered the hearts of locals with its healthy and colourful creations and its weekend brunch which is worshipped by all Genevans. 

Be Kind Café

In the Jonction district, Be Kind Café is a pioneer in organic and vegan cuisine. Combining the pleasures of the table, well-being and ethics is the goal that the establishment has set itself. The majority of the products are organic and come from local artisans, such as the various tofus made in Geneva, organic lamb’s lettuce and apples from the Domaine de la Touvière in Meinier, among others.

Café Mutin

Located in the Augustins district, this vegan café and restaurant welcomes its guests in a charming arcade with a warm, family atmosphere. The founders, Maud and Léo, have a common objective, that of “giving the pleasures of the table an ethical and ecological dimension by favouring local, organic or sustainable agricultural products that are free from animal exploitation.” Discover a menu featuring colourful, 100% vegetable creations, which change with the seasons and the weekly market.

Au Grütli

On Place de Neuve, in the heart of the theatre district, Au Grütli delights locals in search of good food and tasty cuisine. Located in the Maison des Arts du Grütli, the restaurant offers seasonal home-made cuisine favouring small local producers (Ferme du Monniati, Opaline, La Touvière, Domaine de Miolan, Brasserie du Virage, etc.) as well as organic and fair-trade consumption.

Alles gut! Gemüse Kebab

Switzerland’s first sustainable kebab and fast-food restaurant! The famous Gemüse Kebap from Berlin has come to Geneva, thanks to Yohanna and Romain, two childhood friends, who decided one day to import the recipe to Switzerland. Make your own exquisite sandwich, vegetarian or with home-made marinated chicken, grilled vegetables, raw vegetables and fresh herbs, white sauce and feta cheese. The products are mainly local. 


Through Refettorio, chef Walter El Nagar seeks to convey the concept of social, environmental and economic sustainability in the restaurant industry. Last January, he opened Refettorio Geneva in the Charmilles district. At lunchtime, the restaurant is open to the public with menus that help finance evening meals for the most disadvantaged.


Close to the brand new Eaux-Vives train station, Greendy’s has joined the community of local, artisanal and sustainable venues. The menu features healthy gourmet creations (salad bowls, quiches, wraps, bagels, fresh juices, etc.), prepared daily on the spot. The establishment’s commitments to sustainability are numerous: promotion of local produce, waste reduction and recyclable packaging… 


Head to the Jonction eco-district to discover Artemisia, a bistro that has been delighting local foodies with its seasonal dishes for a few months now. The menu, which changes every week, features 100% local produce, home-made food and low prices.