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Welcome to Refettorio Geneva, a community space merging the art of gastronomy, humanitarian aid and the cities vibrant history of innovation, creativity and science with social equity for those most vulnerable. Our mission is simple but profound: to extend social equity to those who need it most.

Run by a local NGO, Mater Fondazione, Refettorio is committed to fostering social inclusion through the transformative power of nutrition – with an immediate and palpable impact.

It has an open kitchen, blending world-class cuisine with kindness. Your presence at their table supports their ongoing fight against hunger and isolation. It’s a simple yet profound exchange, where your lunch buys a dinner for someone in need.
Only local ingredients are used, following a zero-waste philosophy.


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Rue de Lyon 120 - 1203 Genève
Telephone: +41 22 344 90 00