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Rhone route

Through the cosmopolitan, extensive western outskirts of Geneva to the surprisingly varied river landscape of the Rhone, through the vineyards and fields of Champagne (Geneva) to Chancy, a frontier town still 700 Rhone kilometres away from the Mediterranean.

Rhone Route

Stage 8, Genève > Genève (Chancy)


The Rhone Route runs through the magnificent mountain scenery of the Valais on charming, quiet paths along the Rhone. It leads along the famous palm-lined promenades of Lac Léman and the picturesque Lavaux vineyards and ends at cosmopolitan Genève.

If you want to know more and see the map, visit SwitzerlandMobility.


Length: 27 km

Road | Trails: Asphalted: 23 km | Natural surface: 4 km

Ascent | Descent: 340 m | 300 m

Fitness level: Easy