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Explore Geneva Tourism's professional services and connect with our experts to enhance your Geneva experience.

Meetings & Conferences

Geneva has everything you need to make your event a unique experience. Explore the numerous venues and find the rare gem for your convention or corporate event.

Travel trade

Geneva is a welcoming and surprising city where people enjoy a unique quality of life. It is a place where culture, international organizations, lakeside incredible spots, wide green parks come together with the medieval History, the Protestant Reformation and the most stunning innovations in science.

Geneva Filmmaking

Geneva's stunning lakeside views, luxury heritage, and global significance offer a cinematic backdrop that will enhance your film production with exceptional visual appeal and cultural richness.

Geneva Excellence Club

Unlock Geneva's secrets! Immerse in learning, exchange ideas, discover hidden gems, and become an expert in this captivating city.

Media corner

Geneva, nestled at the heart of Europe, offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant international flair. Let yourself be inspired !

Outdoor & wellness

Hiking Routes

For those who love to explore on foot, Geneva and its surroundings offer a lot of beautiful routes.

Promenade du lac Léman

On a tour of Geneva, you soon realize that the vibrant metropolis also offers wonderful locations in natural surroundings. Combined with the urban background, the attractive promenade alongside the lake, is the ideal place to take a stroll.

Length: 3 km

Level: Easy

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Entre Arve et Lac

An outing to the magnificent Genevan countryside through the vineyards between the Arve river and the lake. From Hermance, you pass through the villages of Anières, Corsier, Gy, Jussy and Lullier to reach Choulex

Length: 18 km

Level: Medium

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The Versoix woods

The Versoix woods, crossed by the river to which they owe their name, constitute, with the cultivated areas and the natural reserves that surround them, a microcosm of Geneva’s countryside.

Length: 7.46 km

Level: Easy

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Far West of the Canton of Geneva

The westernmost part of Switzerland is characterised by its rugged topography compared to the rest of the canton, the proximity of the Rhone, the forest and associated meadows, and of course, the agricultural plain of Chancy.

Length: 8.43 km

Level: Medium

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Sentier du Rhône

The hike from Geneva to La Plaine has some surprises in store: the natural beauty of the Rhone and the Moulin-de-Vert nature reserve as well as the charming villages of Cartigny and Avully.

Length: 20 km

Level: Medium

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Rive Droite

An outing to the magnificent Genevan countryside through the vineyards on the right bank. From Meyrin, you pass through the villages of Bourdigny-Dessous, Choully, Peissy, Russin, Dardagny and Malval to come back to Meyrin.

Length: 34 km

Level: Difficult

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Alpine Panorama trail

The last stage (stage 29) has two very different faces: in the morning unspoilt nature, in the afternoon purely residential. The hike along the Versoix mountain stream is a near-to nature experience and the arrival at Quai du Mont-Blanc a proud moment.

Length: 27 km

Level: Difficult

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ViaJacobi Stage 19

From Coppet to Geneva. This hike leads through villages with a French ambiance to cosmopolitan Genève. Highlight and end point is the impressive St. Pierre Cathedral. One magnificent stained glass window depicts St James wearing a purple cloak trimmed with ermine.

Length: 17 km

Level: Medium

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ViaJacobi Stage 20

The city of Genève is followed by surprisingly lovely countryside on the way to the Swiss border. The Compesières fortress, seat of an Order of the Knights of St John until the French Revolution in 1789, is now a museum on the Maltese Order.

Length: 9 km

Level: Easy

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