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You can do everything on foot

There’s so much to discover in this human-sized city

One of Geneva’s distinctive features is the incredible quality of life it offers its residents and visitors. This quality of life is due to the city’s great concentration of activities and unique places in a small geographical area. As a result, in Geneva you can enjoy a rich cultural and historical heritage just by wandering around.

Visit the international district then have lunch by the lake, walk up to the Old Town and its cathedral and then back down to board a traditional paddle steamer or head towards the Bains district and its unique museums: everything is within easy reach!

Getting around in Geneva

Geneva is easy to visit on foot, taking the time to enjoy the landscape and the lakeside’s gentle atmosphere. Need to recharge your batteries along the way? The many cafés and restaurants along the way will delight gourmets. For an unusual experience with a 360° view of the lake, walk to Bains des Pâquis, a Geneva institution and, above all, a place where you can enjoy one of the best fondues in the city in a friendly and authentic atmosphere.

If doing everything on foot (especially after the fondue!) seems too tiring, Geneva’s Mouettes, the city’s traditional boat shuttles, will take you across the lake from one side of the city to the other. The electric tuk-tuk teams are also ready to take you to your favourite spots and bikes are available for hire throughout the city thanks to the Donkey Republic mobile app.

"The colour of the lake, the green, crystalline blue water. Every time I see this, there's a very powerful feeling. It speaks to me”. Joël Dicker

Joël Dicker’s favourite walking tour

The famous Geneva writer Joël Dicker confided his favourite tour to us. Ready to follow him on a walk?

“When friends of mine come to visit Geneva, I usually like to go on foot to show them the different places in the city that I love. If they arrive at the station, I walk down Rue de Chantepoulet towards the Hotel des Bergues which is an old building that has to be seen. Then I walk across the Bergues bridge, the Rousseau island, towards the city centre. I continue towards the Old Town, climb up to the Place du Bourg-de-Four, then to the cathedral. It’s a great opportunity to talk about Geneva’s history and to continue towards the City Hall. Then I walk back down the Promenade de la Treille, which features the world’s longest bench, towards Place de Neuve, just next to Parc des Bastions, which is a pretty sensational place.

If I have a little more time I continue on to Carouge, a small Sardinian town which is very special because when you get there, it feels like you’re somewhere else entirely. Carouge’s architecture is very different, almost like a small Italian village. Definitely to be visited too!”

Walk and discover Geneva with our self-guided walking tours

The humanitarian walking trail

Discover the self-guided walking tour that will take you through the international story of Geneva

The humanitarian trail of the Red Cross is an adaptation of the historical and thematic trail created for the 33rd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement held in Geneva on 4-12 December 2019. Take a humanitarian journey through the history of the Red Cross as you immerse yourself in the city of Geneva.  Follow the walking trail through the Old Town to discover how a handful of Genevan citizens started the Red Cross story and how it quickly unfolded into humanitarian action and, later, the development of international humanitarian law. The trail features landmarks that are rich in history and symbolism.

To pursue the humanitarian experience and discover the next chapters of the Red Cross story, head towards Geneva's international district. 

You can find the brochure that will guide you through the trail at the Tourist Information Centre or it is also accessible here with an interactive map.

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