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Local stories

Fred, Craft distilling

My name’s Fred, I’m 31. I’m a watchmaker and 3 years ago I switched to craft distilling. 

Introduce yourself and your activity in a few lines

I created a Swiss pastis, Roue Libre pastis. This unique drink stands out thanks to its strong reduction in green and star anise. It also leaves room for mugwort, which is very common in Switzerland and is also known as “wild wormwood”.

What does Geneva represent to you?

Quite simply everything. I was born here, I grew up here, I’ve done everything here.

How does Geneva inspire you in your job?

Geneva is a great source of inspiration for my field of work, especially when it comes to the quality of its products. The city is full of local producers who all share the same satisfaction of a quality job well done. There’s “Deutsch Qualität”, but we have “Swiss Made”!

What do you miss most about Geneva when you are away?

Without hesitation, the lake and the proximity to the mountains in summer. To be able to enjoy both in barely an hour is a luxury.

Friends are visiting you in Geneva, where do you take them?

First of all, the Plainpalais flea market, right in the heart of Geneva. It’s always a good place to eat and there’s always a bargain to be found. For a good swim, the lakeside and a great fondue, I recommend Les Bains des Pâquis. On Thursdays after work for happy hour, Alter is a great and unusual venue, where you can sample 100% homemade, creative cocktails.

If Geneva were a person, what would she be like?

Stunningly beautiful, friendly and outgoing.


Your favourite place in Geneva?

Plainpalais, its bars and places to chill in.


If you had to create a cocktail inspired by Geneva, what ingredients would you use?

A no-bluff cocktail, water, ice, and pastis.