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Teresa, Vintage clothing

My name’s Teresa FINI and I created PURPLE AND GOLD RAIN…

Introduce yourself and your activity in a few lines

PURPLE AND GOLD RAIN, which was initially an online concept selling vintage clothing and accessories in Geneva and which is now also a physical boutique in Geneva’s Old Town.

What does Geneva represent to you?

Geneva is my home town. It’s where I feel at home, where I’ve got my bearings.

How does Geneva inspire you in your job?

Geneva is the primary source of motivation and inspiration for my business. I started this project because there was a real lack of local, sustainable and trendy alternatives to fast-fashion. There weren’t many vintage boutiques outside the luxury sector here, and because it’s an international city, I felt it was important to offer this concept in the town where I grew up.

What do you miss most about Geneva when you are away?

I think what I miss most about Geneva when I’m away, is the lake. Summer in Geneva is so magical. Swimming, enjoying the warmth…

Friends are visiting you in Geneva, where do you take them?

The places I tend to take my friends to are the lakeside, Les Bains des Pâquis, the Plainpalais flea market, Café la Guidoline, or Manu Gelato for an ice cream.

If Geneva were a person, what would she be like?

If Geneva were a person, she’d be chic and laid back.


Your favourite place in Geneva?

My favourite place in Geneva since I was a little girl has been the Bains des Pâquis.


If Geneva were a piece of clothing or a fashion accessory, what would it be and why?

If Geneva were a piece of fashion clothing/accessory, it would be a cap that adapts to rain or shine.